This Dog Brings Her Babies One By One To Meet The Woman Who Saved Her Life

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A magnificent showof trust and gratefulness. That's what Grayce gave her foster mom, Stevoni Wells Doyle, three weeks after her rescue, reportsThe Dodo.The animal was pregnant when they took her away from her former family, who were mistreating her. She needed a place to give birth in peace, explained Stevoni, from the state of Utah.


Source: Stevoni Wells Doyle

The young woman continued:

I think she feels unsure still as a new mom, and she needed love and reassurance from someone she loves and trusts.
Publié par Stevoni Wells Doyle sur lundi 23 janvier 2017

So when Grayce finally gave birth to her 11 little babies, she placed them one by one in the lap of her savior, a symbolof her affection and trust.This is not Stevoni's first rescue. She has taken in hundreds of dogs. The American explains that her involvement is simple: these animals need to be protected and taken care of.


Source: Stevoni Wells Doyle

It was, however, the first time that a dog did this with her puppies. Stevoni admits that she was honored by Grayce's act. One thing is certain, the dog and her puppies are in great hands and will be put up for adoption in about eight week, via Rescue Rovers.Watch the adorable video of the new mom below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrEEqmOyltg#action=share[/embed]Shelters are full of adorable animals waiting for a loving family. Adopt don't shop! It's sad to bring more animals into the world for the sole purpose of being sold. Animals are not merchandise. Adoption saves two lives, the animal that you welcome into your home, and the one who will now have a free place in a shelter.

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