This Dog And Goat Form An Unusual Friendship And Refuse To Be Separated

Andrea A.

Authorities in Los Angeles, California made a surprising discovery last week, according to the siteThe Dodo.


Source: Tara Hamilton

Animal Control recieved a call that was, at the very least, unexpected, telling them that two apparently stray animals were on the loose: a dog, and even more strange, a goat. The improbably duo excaped a few hours earlier from the garden of their human, in Victorville, to go on an adventure.


Source: Tara Hamilton

Apollo, the dog, and Gnome, the goat, were taken to their local shelter, where their humans were contacted. Unfortunately, the man was not legally authorized to possess a goat at his residence, so he could not come get the animal. But there was no way they were going to seperate Apollo and Gnome, who were friends since they were little.


Source: Tara Hamilton

A rescue organizatino, Dachsund Paws, thankfully decided to intervene, and quickly found them a foster family for the two best friends. Liz Devlin, their new mom, confides:

They get frantic when separated. I let the dog inside for a few minutes and the goat cries for him. And after a few minutes the dog is ready to go outside and check on his goat bestie.

Source: Tara Hamilton

Apollo and Gnome can't stop playing together and messing around like two old friends. Gnome, so used to living at her friend's side, doesn't seem to understand that she is not a goat herself. Tara Hamilton, member of the group Dachsund Paws, explains that it's true "she doesn't know she's a goat."


Source: Tara Hamilton

That hasn't stopped her from forming an amazing friendship with Apollo.

H/t: The Dodo