This Dog Abandoned In The Woods Cried Out In Pain Whenever He Was Touched


Mowgli was just a puppy when he was found by an elderly couple tied up in the woods. He was clearly starving and had swollen skin with cuts all over his body.

Source: Mysti Boehler

The couple brought him home, but couldn't properly care for him, so Mysti Boehler, founder of Texas based rescue,StreetsToSheets Animal Rescue, stepped in.Both Mowgli and Mysti cried during the dog's first veterinary exam. Mowgli, from the pain of being touched. Mysti, from the horror of seeing so much abuse.

 BabylovePosted by Mysti Boehler on Saturday, April 1, 2017

She lovingly stroked the one part of his face which wasn't cut up, to try and reassure him that he was finally safe. She toldThe Dodo:

He was just a pup and it was obvious by his condition no one ever cared.

Source: Mysti Boehler

Mysti immediately began treating him, giving him pain relievers, medicated baths, and feeding him a specially designed diet to get him as healthy as possible.

Source: Mysti Boehler

After a period of adjustment, Mowgli began trusting his new caretakers and was enthralled with all the love. Mysti continued:

As soon as we got him home and laid with him and showed him our touch was out of love and we weren't going to hurt him, he actually opened up to us very quickly, and all he wanted was attention.

The adorable dog's fanbase only grew larger when Mysti started posting pictures and videos of him on the rescue's Facebook page.

Source: Mysti Boehler

One of his biggest admirers was a woman from Pennsylvanian named Christa Chilcote. She even sent him an Easter basket filled with toys and treats.After following Mowgli's progress for months, she started to not be able to imagine her life without him. So, despite already having three dogs and two children, she couldn't let him go. Christa explained toThe Dodo:

 I said to my husband, 'I can't let him go anyplace else but here. I bawled to my husband.

Source: Mysti Boehler

She tentatively called Mysti to ask if he was going to be put up for adoption, and right away the rescuer knew Christa would be a great mom to the pooch."I could tell in her voice and by the words she spoke that she loved Mowgli like I could only dream a person could love him," she said.Despite the 1,200 miles between them, volunteers packed up Mowgli for the long car ride to Pennsylvania and his forever home.

Source: Mysti Boehler

The dog is fitting right in at the Chilcote home, and he has become best friends with one of the other family canines as well as his human sister.

Source: Just for Mowgli/Facebook

Now, Mowgli is a bona fide local celebrity. He got a party to celebrate his adoption, and people from all over came to meet him and give him affection. Mysti is thrilled with the pup's new life, concluding:

I wanted him to know what love was. That sounds so cliche but it's true.

Source: Just for Mowgli/Facebook

If you would like to follow along with Mowgli on Facebook, you can check out his page, here. You can also help contribute to the StreetsToSheets rescue, here.

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