This Distraught Dog Clings To Her Cuddly Toys After Losing Her Babies

Andrea A.

Twinkle, an adorable dog, had a rough start in life as a stray in Mexico, and things seemed to be looking up for her when she was adopted by Xavier Hernandez and her mom, both from California, in early April 2017. However, the little animal was yet to face her toughest challenge yet when she arrived at her new home. Tragically, she lost her three puppies.


Source: Xavier Hernandez

The two Americans knew instantly that they had to help Twinkle and didn't hesitate in adopting the canine and bringing her on the long journey home with them.


Source: Xavier Hernandez

It was only after they arrived in the USA that her new family realized that Twinkle was pregnant. Sadly, the three puppies were stillborn, and their mother was absolutely heartbroken.To help ease her grief, Xavier's mother bought the canine three cuddly toys to try and comfort the distraught dog, and she is now inseparable from them. Whilst they will never replace the little ones that she lost, they can at least help to ease her suffering.


Source: Xavier Hernandez

In this difficult time, one thing is sure, Twinkle will not have to go through it alone, as Xavier explained to The Dodo:

My mom and family try to show her as much love as possible.

The adorable little dog will need time to grieve her loss, but luckily she is surrounded by people that love and care for her who will do whatever they can to make her happier.


Source: Xavier Hernandez

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