This Disabled Kitten, Rejected By Her Mom At Birth, Never Expected The Surprises Life Had For Her

Andrea A.

Noodle, an adorable little kitten, was born with deformed back paws. When she spotted them, her mother abandoned her, leaving her with very slim chances of survival.Noodle was lying alone in front of a house when Sarah Phillips found her.

Source: Sarah Phillips

The big-hearted woman immediately decided to help the little kitty, who was only 2 days old when she was abandoned, and spent many sleepless nights trying to save her. But her efforts paid off. Noodle is now 6 weeks old and is just like any other kitten, determined to explore everything around her despite her legs.

Source: Sarah Phillips

Sarah thinks that Noodle has the soul of a warrior and is impressed by her courage every day. She told website Love Meow:

She's most definitely a little fighter. Everyone at our vet absolutely loves her and all of the staff comes running as soon as they hear that she's there for an appointment. I've never seen a kitten as strong as her in my life.

Source: Sarah Phillips

Noodle is still very small her age, but is slowly growing and has a lion's appetite. Sarah is trying to find a wheelchair for the kitten, who currently gets around by shuffling around on her knees.

She's brought such joy to our lives and has filled our hearts with love I've never known until I watched her grow.

Source: Sarah Phillips

Watch a video of Noodle below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ylhmZjSubU[/embed]

H/t: LoveMeow

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