This Determined Mama Cat Does Everything She Can To Keep Her Babies Safe And Alive


Animal rescue group CatRescue 901 often see felines in terrible conditions. As a no-kill center, they often see the kitties that other shelters can't or don't want to take in. This was the case with a mama cat and her litter of kittens, who they got a call about from a concerned passer by at the end of September.A volunteer team from the shelter, located in a suburb of the Australian city of Sydney, immediately headed out to rescue the little family, who were all emaciated and on the verge of starving. With no humans willing to help them and no way to get food, the mama cat had been letting herself waste away so that her babies could eat. Whatever she could catch and find went straight to her kittens, no matter how hungry she was.https://www.facebook.com/CatRescue901/photos/a.711747232191701.1073741825.122861621080268/1691703510862730/?type=3&theaterJenny Storaker, co-director of CatRescue 901 told website LoveMeow:

The whole family is emaciated. The babies would be around six weeks so mama must have fed only once or twice a day and very poor quality food. 

She had been trying so hard to feed her kittens rather than herself that she had become anemic and needed immediate treatment. Very young herself, she only weighed about as much as a 4-month-old kitten. The team captured the family and took them to their clinic and shelter.

Source: CatRescue 901/Facebook

Because the cat, named Georgette, had been on the streets, mistreated and abandoned by humans for so long, she was very wary of the volunteers at first. Although she and her kittens were given the run of one of the carers' offices, she would only feed her kittens when no one else was in the room for quite a while.But after lots of love, care, and plenty of nutritious food, Georgette soon realized that these humans weren't here to hurt her children; they were there to save them.

Source: CatRescue 901/Facebook

Now, just under two weeks later, Georgette and her kittens are thriving. The 4 kittens are playful and the whole family has quickly gotten used to humans, despite their bad experiences in the past. Once they are strong and old enough, the whole family will be put up for adoption, where they will hopefully find forever homes who will cherish them for the rest of their lives.

Source: CatRescue 901/Facebook

You can follow Georgette and her adorable family on CatRescue 901's Facebook page, or make a donation to help them and the other cats the group takes in.

H/t: LoveMeow

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