This Deaf And Blind Cat Wouldn't Let Anyone Approach Him

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Coconut was one of the countless stray cats wandering the streets of Boston. Hisfate took a very different turn, however, when he crossed paths with Joni Nelson, founder of the organizationBoston's Forgotten Felines, reportsThe Dodo.


Source: Boston's Forgotten Felines

The furry white feline was sadly suffering from numerous issues. His ears in particular were in bad shape. The animal refused to let anyone approach, making his rescue even more difficult.


Source: Boston's Forgotten Felines

Joni was able to gain the trust of the cat, before bringing him to the veterinary clinic of her organization, where a thorough exam revealed a number of problems: a urinary infection, ear mites, limping, chronic diarrhea, and general dirtiness. But for Joni, the biggest problem was his attitude:

He was very difficult to feed ... He would never look up but sure would lash out when I opened his cage.


Source: Boston's Forgotten Felines

Joni slowly realized what might have been behind his bizarre behavior: the cat suffered from partial blindness. With time, Coconut got used to her, but he was still extremely distrustful of strangers and hissed whenever anyone approached him.

In addition to his vision problems, he was also deaf. Joni confided:

It took two very deep bites from him to realize he was deaf and could only see shadows. No wonder he was so nasty. He was frightened and no one knows the torture he went through living on the streets for so long in that condition ... Many people told to me to put him to sleep that he was unadoptable. I couldn't let him live his life in a cage and I couldn't put him to sleep.


Source: Danapel C. de Veer

Volunteers at the association did everything they could to take care of Coconut, and soon the feline learned to trust them.

He was placed in a foster family, and then in a second. Joni doesn't hide the fact that she was extremely apprehensive at the time, admitting she was worried to see Coconut once again terrified of strangers. Thankfully, the cat quickly took to her new environment.


Source: Ashley Ward

Ashley Ward, his second foster mom, explained:

Coconut is really a sweetheart. Every time I walk into the room, he hobbles over to me to get pets ... As soon I start petting him he is instantly purring ... He will curl up right next to your side and snuggle his head under your arm so that you can pet him..


Source: Ashley Ward

Coconut's transformation is incredibly heartwarming, the cat who, just a few months earlier, was attempting to survive in the cold streets of Boston. The feline has since found his forever family.


Source: Ashley Ward

You can make a donation to support Boston's Forgotten Felines be clicking here!

And don't miss this adorable video of Coconut:

Playing!Look at me! Playing with my foster family! <3#rescuecat#bffcatrescue#fostercat#adoptmePublié par Coconut's Journey sur lundi 6 février 2017

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