This Curious Dog Just Got The Best Present From Her Neighbor


Penny is a very curious and energetic German Shepherd puppy from California, USA, who just can't get enough of her neighbor Jennifer Bowman, her dog Olive and her cat Max. One day, her kind neighbor noticed the dog jumping up to see over the tall fence that separates their gardens, just to say a quick hello.[embed][/embed]This routine continued for a while and eventually, Bowman decided to take matters into her own hands.She wanted to help the German Shepherd feel more involved without having to make such a huge effort and described in an online post:

Got tired of my neighbors German Shepherd jumping to peek over the fence so I made her a peeking spot. I think she likes it!
Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.41.55

Source: Youtube/Peeking Penny

With the help of a power drill, she cut three small holes into the fence. Twp for the canine's eyes and one for her nose, so that Penny wouldn't miss out on a thing.The canine seems to be very fond of her new peeking hole, which requires a lot less effort than jumping over a tall fence every day, and Bowman documents the dog's adventures on her Youtube page.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.25.04

Source: Youtube/Peeking Penny

So far, the original Peeking Penny video has amassed over 45 million views, making her a very popular dog indeed.Watch the adorable video below:[embed][/embed]

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