This Cow Dances For Joy After Being Released From His Chains For The First Time In His Life

The video has gone around the world. In Austria, a militant of the animal protection association, Aiderbichl, orchestrated the liberation of several cows who spent their entire lives chained up on a farm.



Source: Gut Aiderbichl

In this poignant sequence, viewed by over 22 million people, the activist extracts Bandit, a young, fearful bull, from the enclosure where he has been kept since birth.


Source: Gut Aiderbichl

The animal was able to, for the first time, walk and move around by himself; a pleasure as simple as it is essential from which he - like many cows all over the world - had always been deprived of.


Source: Gut Aiderbichl

The euphoria of Bandit was immediate: free from his chains, he started jumping and dancing, savoring each step. His indescribable joy is contagious:[embed][/embed]If the moving video warms your heart, a reminder that the beef industry is synonymous with hell for the hundreds of thousands of cows around the world who will never have the chance to leave their cages.


Source: Gut Aiderbichl

To help the volunteers at the Aiderbichl organization in returning dignity to mistreated animals, you can make a donation here.

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