This Couple's Dog Filmed Their Wedding And It's Truly Magical


Not many people hire furry videographers to film their weddings. Butthis couple's dog just insisted on filming their wedding video. With a GoPro attached to herback, their clever pup, Ryder, managed to capture the whole of their marriage. From early morning beauty preparations to the inquisitive toddler at the reception party, we get to see it all from the dog's perspective. And the result is really quite magical. Where did she learn those editing skills?

Source: @YouTube

Surrounded by their family and friends, Addie and Marshall, who have been madly in love for ten yearstied the knot in the beautifully snowy surroundings of Roan Mountain, in Tennesse, US.And who better to immortalise their special day than their beloved pup, Ryder?


Source: @YouTube

We've never seen wedding footage like it, Ryder captures the smallest things that make the video that much more captivating. After a chilly ceremony, the couple zip themselves back up in their warm coats and embrace each other. How happy Ryder must have been to see his two humans so blissful!Congrats Addie and Marshall! We hope Ryder is joining you on your honeymoon :)Watch the amazing video here:

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