This Couple Chose Puppies Over Flowers For Their Wedding Day


On 16 SeptemberMatt Crain and Sarah Mallouk Crain from Pennsylvania tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony with their closest friends and family.


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Amongst this group of loved ones were some special guests... A group of adorable puppies!


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Sarah is involved with Pitties Love Peace, a rescue organisation caring for Pit bulls and Pit bull mixes. The six pups came from the refuge to be a part of their special day. Sarah told BuzzFeed News:

Animals are just a huge, huge part of our life and we wanted to find ways to incorporate them.

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The couple also has three dogs of their own which they love like their own children. The bridesmaids each got a tiny puppy to smile for the photos, taken by Caroline Logan.


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Matt and his groomsmen also snuggled with the playful fur balls before the big moment.


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Sarah continued:

I think you can also see the pure joy in everyone’s faces when they’re holding a puppy. It’s not a fake joy. It was just so beautiful.

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It's true - nothing can make a person smile quite like having a gorgeous little dog in their arms! According to Sarah, she was quite stressed about the wedding day, but as soon as she saw the puppies that all went away... Making the photographer's job all the more fun. She told Buzzfeed News:

It was probably some of the easiest smiles I’ve ever worked with.

The couple would like to encourage everyone who sees the photos to consider adopting a dog before buying one. Sarah added:

Don’t shop, adopt. The puppies that you see in our photos are just as good as any that you’d find in a pet store.

If you're interested in adopting one of these adorable wedding pups or another Pit bull mix puppy from Pitties Love Peace, click here.