This Chihuahua Was Abandoned In An Airport With A Heartbreaking Note From His Owner


In June, Chewy, a three-month-old Chihuahua, was abandoned in a jam-packed airport in Las Vegas.

 Source: Connor and Millie's Dog Rescue

However, the true heartbreak of his situation became clear upon reading the note, written by his owner, that had been left beside him. It explained the terrible circumstances leading to her abandoning him, quickly removing all suspicion of cruelty.

Source: Connor and Millie's Dog Rescue

Luckily, Chewy didn't have to wait long before someone found him. A passenger at the airport came across the tiny dog and straight away knew that he had to help. He calledConnor and Millie's Dog Rescue, who immediately came to pick up the dog and took him straight to a veterinary clinic.Chewy has quickly been gaining his strength and considering the circumstances, seems to be doing ok. The association wants to highlight this case in order to help others in similar situations. Many animals find themselves in the middle of family or emotional conflicts and even abusive situations. It can be very complicated to ensure that they will be properly cared for in these scenarios but there are always associations and shelters ready and willing to help.In cases where it is not possible to bring an animal away with you, they will be able to guarantee their safety and well-being of the animal for a specific period of time or even find a temporary home for them.

Source: Connor and Millie's Dog Rescue

In this case, Chewy's owner was unable to find any other solution and so instead left the dog in the hopes that a kind person would find and help him. Linda Gilliam, founder, and president ofConnor and Millie's Dog Rescueexplained her compassion for the woman's situation:

This is a very overlooked issue as a whole. We also wanted to try and get the message to Chewy's mom that she did a brave thing and that he is safe and will have a great life.

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