This Chihuahua Drives Maggie The Mastiff Absolutely Crazy


We reckon this plucky chihuahua called Dude has never heard the saying"pick on someone your own size". He lives with Maggie the Mastiff who weighs 195 pounds compared to his3-pound weight. The pair enjoy a bit of playfighting, butsometimes the chihuahua is just too much to handle.Dude does have one thing over Maggie: he's very agile.Heloves running super fast circles around Maggie who simply cannot keep up with the pest. Sorry, pet.


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Maggiethinks she's got her prey on lockdown...


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Then BAM!


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The feisty pooch is leaping up at heragain.But Maggie has had enough. Their humans start cracking up telling Maggie to calm it. When Maggie's on her feet, we reckon she's a bit more threatening to the tiny Dude.Watch the hilarious video here:[embed][/embed]