This Charity Just Rescued A Terrified Baby Animal On The Brink Of Death

Andrea A.

A baby monkey, just 6 months old, was rescued by theLaos Wildlife Rescue Center (LWRC), who intervened after receiving a message from his owner, writesThe Dodo. Eve Mansfield, a member of the organisation, explains:

We received a Facebook message from the ‘owner’ who was concerned about his health, as his condition deteriorated to the point where he is so weak, he is going through stages of ‘fainting’ behavior. Happily the ‘owner’ was keen to hand him over to Laos Wildlife Rescue Center so he could receive the critical treatment he needs.

Source: Laos Wildlife Rescue Centre

The team made a 30 hour car journey to go and get the little monkey who has now been named Rattles. Rattles is a red-shanked douc langur, a species of primate considered endangered. Found in Vietnam and Laos, doucs are often victims of poaching and deforestation. The poached monkeys can end up being used in traditional medicine, or sold as pets.

Source: Laos Wildlife Rescue Centre

The man who contacted the organisation explained that he was Rattles' second owner - his mother was killed for food. He bought the monkey for $24 when his original owner, bored of him, was thinking of selling him for his meat. Unfortunately, despite his good intentions, the man did not manage to look after Rattles properly, feeding him fruit and milk. A douc's diet is made up principally of leaves, roots, bark, flowers and unripe fruit.

Source: Laos Wildlife Rescue Centre

There is no doubt that this bad diet is the reason that Rattles was found in such a bad state. Without the charity's intervention, he would have certainly died. Before the monkey was taken to the rescue center, a vet gave him some medication, fluids and some leaves to eat - his first proper meal for a long time.

Source: Laos Wildlife Rescue Centre

At the moment, Rattles' condition is still critical, but the volunteers at Laos Wildlife Rescue Center are not going to abandon him. Mansfield finished:

All we can do is try and repair the damage that others have inflicted as a result of the illegal wildlife trade. If we can rear him successfully and rehabilitate him responsibly, there is a possibility for a life back in the wild for him.

Source: Laos Wildlife Rescue Centre

H/t: The Dodo

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