This Charity Increases Shelter Animals' Chances Of Being Adopted By Grooming Them


Chuck Rubin is a man with a very big heart. Not only does he run a farm, looking after plenty of big animals, he also dedicatesa lot of his time to domestic animals in need of a bit of love and care. And a trim.


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In fact, Chuck set uphis charity,Hollywood Grooming, twenty years ago. Based in Los Angeles, it's a grooming company...But with a twist. They workon giving new makeovers to animals in shelters who are often abandoned and ignored.And it's all voluntary work.


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By giving them an often much-needed trim, Chuck and his team make the dogs look as charming as possible, so that people are more keen to adopt them. Chuck told the website iHeart Dogs :

For me, it was enough that I got to kiss and hug them, and make them feel better through grooming. But I also saw the adoption rate increasing.

They've got five vans which function as their mobile grooming salons, so that they can easily go around local shelters.



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The charity has recently received a lotof attention sincethey posted a video about their work online, which you can watch here. An adorable dog named Joey was found on the streets in a bad state, but you wouldn't recognise him after his trim!


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Chuck explained his motivation for his project, adding :

These are dogs that people just passed by in the shelter and didn’t see the potential of how cute they can be. We were at the south central shelter and this couple went by this Cocker’s cage and thought nothing on him.

But when I got him back to the cage with a nice hair cut they asked to take him out and play with him and they end up taking him home. How can that not make you happy?

The charity has been such a success that they are now opening up for all animals, not just dogs and cats in shelters.


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