This Cat With A Face Deformed From A Huge Tumor Fought With All Her Strength To Live


This is Keta. Despite the tennis ball sized tumor on her face, this beautiful feline fought to survive.


Source: Unwanted NYC Pets

A former alley cat, she was brought one day to Unwanted NYC Pets, an animal shelter. At the time, the tumor was already visible; positioned close to her mouth it disfigured her face.Even with this life-threatening prognosis, the volunteers at the shelter were determined to do everything possible to help. They went to veterinarian after veterinarian, before they finally found a doctor who would be able to save her.


Source: Unwanted NYC Pets

Despite her shocking appearance, Keta is a cat full of energy and with a huge appetite. It was clear that she wouldn't give up the fight. Unwanted NYC Petsexplained:

After speaking with many different doctors and having tests done we decided to go forward with the surgery to remove it even though she could have lost an eye, be on a feeding tube or be so deformed no one would want to adopt her. Luckily none of this came true.  

Source: Unwanted NYC Pets

It was Dr. Tomas Infernusowho took on the task - successfully - of liberating Keta from her tumor. Ever since, the feline has been recovering and seems to understand that she's on the path to being cured. She purrs constantly. Her scar is closing more and more each day, leaving in its place her beautiful smile!


Source: Unwanted NYC Pets

The next step for Keta to be truly happy? Find a loving, adoptive family who will help her forget her past.


Source: Unwanted NYC Pets

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