This Cat Was Viciously Attacked With Boiling Water But Hasn't Lost His Love For Humans

At the beginning of February, Leon Teague, 18, of Chicago, Illinois, was charged with a felony count of animal cruelty after he posted a horrifying video of himself pouring boiling water on a cat to Facebook.


Source: Chicago Police Department

In the video, posted under the now-deleted account, "GlockBoy MurDoc," a man initially films a pot of boiling water on the stove. He then carries it over to a window.


Source: Decquan Smith/Facebook

Viewers can see a litterbox and a cat outside, the man starts to call the cat over, before eventually dumping the water on top of him.The feline screams out in pain and runs away. The man can be heard saying, "Get the f--- from over here b---- and don’t come back."Police received several frantic calls concerned about the well-being of the animal and police were able to track down the owner of the account, Leon Teague.


Source: Heather Weidmann

He was promptly arrested and pled guilty to the charges. The teenager was sentenced to three years in jail, as he was already on probation for a burglary.When police initially tried to capture the cat he ran away.But Heather Weidmann had also seen the sickening video, and decided she had to do everything possible to rescue the cat. She had been savingfelines for 16 years and knew that if anyone could find him, she could.She and a friend went to the alley behind Teague's homeduring the day, but there was no sign of him. They decided to come back at night, and lo and behold, the tiny street was full of cats.


Source: Heather Weidmann

They spotted the animal they were looking for, and despite his traumatizing experience, he seemed to have no fear of humans.Weidmann told the Chicago Tribune:

His fur is singed and he has burns on him. He’s got scabbing, but he’s very friendly and he’s in great spirits. 

He has been taken to a medical center where his injuries will be treated before he will eventually be put up for adoption.

H/t: Chicago Tribune

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