This Cat Was Traumatized After Someone Put His Head Through A Roll Of Tape And Abandoned Him


A ginger tabby cat with a large roll of tape trapped tightly around his neck had been living on the streets of Baldwin Park, California.Local residents made several attempts to help him, but the feline was too traumatized after his ordeal to accept help, reports Love Meow.


Source: Facebook/Saving Sweet Valentine

It looked like the animal had become feral, untilChris Gattas and Kimberly Saxelby arrived on February 14, determined to help. They first set a trap, which proved to be ineffective, before quickly realizing that he was not going to cooperate.Eventually, they managed to secure the feline by using a net and, unable to find a rescue center, took him to theRancho Cucamonga Animal Shelterfor medical attention.


Source: Facebook/Saving Sweet Valentine

Sadly, the cat's injuries were worse than Saxelby initially thought. They found that the tape had likely been around the animal's neck for months, rubbing away at skin and leaving an open wound prone to infection.His rescuers decided not to give up on him, and to persevere with his treatment, which would be costly. They named him 'Valentine', after the day when he had been saved, and set up a Facebook page to document the feline's recovery.


Source: Facebook/Saving Sweet ValentineHe proved to be an online hit, and the pair received numerous donations which incredibly, covered the injured cat's medical costs.Once Valentine was healthy enough to leave the hospital, he moved on to a foster home, with an experienced owner, as the animal was still unapproachable. It was clear that he was going to need a lot of care before he would be able to trust humans again. Saxelby explained on the cat's Facebook page:

When we brought him in he was so sick and weak it was hard to tell if he was going to be domesticated, just not a sociable cat or feral. I know at one time this cat was not afraid of humans and probably loved human touch until some horrible humans did him wrong.

Source: Facebook/Saving Sweet Valentine

Slowly, Valentine is making progress. His foster mother, April Glatzel, has been extremely patient with him, and is gradually gaining his trust.The feline has shown some small signs of improvement. He doesn't reatreat entirely into his cage when Glatzel enters the room, and has even fallen asleep in his favorite spot with her beside him. This progress, albeit small, gives Valentine's rescuers hope that he will one day be domesticated and find a forever home.


Source: Facebook/Saving Sweet Valentine

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