This Cat Waits For His Best Friend Outside Of Her House Every Day And It's The Cutest Thing


Ralph and Nala both live in the same city in the UK. The pair met one day on their outside adventures and have been inseparable ever since.

Source: Reddit

In fact, the pair are such good friends that polite Ralph makes his way to Nala's house every day to see her. Reddit user FranWalker26 explainedon the site:

This is Ralph, he comes to collect our cat for playtime every day and waits outside like this.

Source: Reddit

Nala's humans are only too happy to see her fellow feline friend and open the door for Ralph and let him in. They are so enamoredwith the cat that they have even said that if Ralph did not already have a home and humans to go back to, they would love to welcome him into their family.

Source: Reddit

Walker explained that she is so happy that Nala has found such a special friendship. Both cats eagerly await the arrival of the other and if on some days Ralph is late for anyreason, Nala can be found patiently waiting outside, looking for her friend.

Source: Reddit

The online post proved to be extremely popular, with people from all over the world falling in love with the adorable pair. The original photo has now received almost 100,000 upvotes and a myriad of supportive comments.Reddit usercant_think_of_oneexplained how rare such a special friendship is for cats:

They are adorable. [...] It is rare for cats to be close like this that don't live together. [...]Their bond is very special. This isn't just like two people being close friends, it is like two really really anti-social people being close friends. It is one in a million.

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