This Cat 'Requires' His Human To Complete This Adorable Ritual Everyday Before He Leaves The House


Sometimes it seems like cats are not as affectionate as dogs... That is definitely not the case for Ville, the adorable feline of Fredrik Johansson, from Sandviken, Sweden.A video that the young man recently posted on Youtube proves it! He and Ville have an incredible connection, and they don't mind showing it with displays of affection, resulting in over two million views.

Source: Fredrik Johansson

The cat demands everyday (and often several times a day, according to Fredrik) his daily ritual of kisses and hugs, without which, he would never let his human leave the house!This "obligation" isn't a problem for the Swede, who loves these tender moments with his favorite feline. Watch the whole ritual below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-zttZUh3WY[/embed]A video to show anyone who doubts the lovability of cats! When they have this much love, felines are capable of infinite tenderness.

H/t: Démotivateur

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