This Cat Held His Humans' Hands In His Last Hour As If He Knew What Was Coming

Our furry companions brighten up our lives and fill our days with joy. But there is one bad part about our cat and dog friends. It's that at the end of the day, their lives are always too short...

It was true for Andrew, an old cat whose last moments - forever captured on the social network Reddit - have touched millions of internet users.


Source : @Reddit

Andrew's "parents" took this moving photo during his last car ride.

They were accompanying him to the vet, hearts heavy, to put an end to his suffering and to say goodbye.

The tomcat sent a very symbolic message with his adorable gesture. He must've known that it was his final hour, because his little paw on his humans' hands looks like it is trying to comfort them in their mourning.

In a very moving tribute, Andrew's owner said:

He held our hands on his last trip to the vet. Little Andrew was much stronger than his mom and I. He was 15 and a half and loved everyone, but just got old and sick over the last year. He purred everyday of his life and when he lost that, I knew it was time. Always sad to lose a friend.

Andrew had a long and happy life, and he left this world in the best possible conditions - surrounded by his loving family. This thought is helping his "parents" to deal with the pain of losing their dear kitty.

Andrew's gesture and story have inspired numerous other internet users to ay tribute to their furry companions who have parted.


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