This Cat Had Five Pounds Of Excess Fur - Matted And Covered In Excrements

Andrea A.

When Sinbad, a nine-year-old Persian cat, arrived at theThe Anti-Cruelty Societyshelter, in Chicago, he had almost five pounds of matted, dirty fur, full of urine and excrements, reports the siteLove Meow.


Source: Elliott Serrano

The animal could barely move due to the enormous mass weighing down on his body. Elliott Serrano, a member of the refuge explained:

Sinbad came in to our shelter after a utility worker saw him in the home of an elderly gentleman. The man wasn't able to care for himself very well, and that was evident in Sinbad's condition.

Source: Elliott Serrano

The owner of the cat agreed to turn him into the shelter, and the first task of rescuers was to shave the extra fur off the back of Sinbad. The cat behaved wonderfully and didn't move an inch during the grooming, which lasted several hours.


Source: Elliott Serrano

Under the fur, employees discovered a seven pound cat - meaning he had been almost half fur before.After the shave, the animal finally got to lie down and rest. The volunteers had to force feed him to preserve his digestive system and to assure that it still worked. One week later, and he was finally able to stand again.


Source: Elliott Serrano

Elliot had intended to just be a foster parent for Sinbad, but the elderly Persian decided otherwise, refusing to leave Elliot's side, constantly searching for his attention. The young man eventually adopted the cat for good, incapable of letting him leave.


Source : Elliott Serrano

Sinbad is now in excellent health, especially for a nine-year-old cat. His love for people has not been dampened by his difficult life, and the adorable feline can now profit from all the affection that he deserves.


Source: Elliott Serrano

H/t: Love Meow