This Cat Goes To Visit Patients In The Waiting Room Of A Hospital To Lighten The Mood


Meet Arthur, an adorable Maine Coon cat who likes going to visit people in the waiting room at Whipps Cross Hospital, London.


Source : @Twitter

Thanks to this big friendly feline, patients feel less anxious while they sit, often for hours, waiting to be seen by a doctor. By having a cuddle with Arthur, they feel more relaxed and forget about the interminable wait!


Source : @LoveMeow

Arthur actually lives near the hospital but he's recently started to saunter into the waiting area where he is always more than welcome. Visitors are always keen for it to be "their turn" cuddling the affectionate cat, according to hospital workers.


Source : @LoveMeow

Sophie Ricman, a young woman who met the cat whilst waiting for accident and emergency services with her fiancé, told the siteLove Meow:

The cat was healthy, very clearly well fed and clean. He was so docile and just wanted cuddles and I was more than happy to oblige. All the other patients were more than happy to have him there too.

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