This Cat Died After Being Tortured With Hot Glue, But His Family Is Determined To Get Justice

A six-year-old cat named Sage disappeared from his home in Clearfield, Utah, at the start of March. When the feline was found, he was in a terrible condition and it was clear that he had suffered serious abuse.


 Source: Facebook/China Cassel

His human, China Cassel, describedthe shocking incident on Facebook:

This is Sage. He is our family Cat. He is 6 years old. He is a outdoor guy, as well as a indoor loving cat. This morning as 630 we found him. And what we saw broke our hearts. He was beaten, and he was totured. His whiskers were cut. His fur was shaved. His face was beaten. His ribs are snapped. His paws are broken. He can't walk. He can't speak. He was totured with hot glue. As well as with silicone. His eyes are swollen shut. He is hurting. [...] How he made it home, will never make sense. But the fact that he found his way home to us, indicates how strong Sage is. He is a fighter.

Source: Facebook/China Cassel

Knowing that their beloved Sage would not survive much longer without urgent care, his family rushed him to the hospital, where he was given the best care possible.The next day, the family received positive news, Sage's condition had stabilized. When they came to visit, Sage even reacted when he heard their voices. However, this improvement was short lived, and sadly, the cat's injuries proved to be too much. He passed away during the night.


Source: Facebook/China Cassel

Shocked by this horrific act of cruelty, his family could not understand the motivations of those responsible.They described to Fox 13:

Somebody that's been in your family for many, many years, and to know you're not going home with them, it's hard. I just don't know who would do this and still be able to sleep at night. They took a life. Animal or human, it's a life.

Deborah Barnes, president of theHuman Society of Northisn Utah, explained her shock to the news channel:

He was so hurt, he couldn’t even meow. He couldn’t do anything. This is the worst case of abuse I’ve ever seen. It was just horrifying that someone would do this.

Source: Facebook/China Cassel

An inquiry was launched by the local police to find and punish Sage's killers. Thanks to the Human Society of North Utah and many generous donors, a reward of $50,000 has been put in place for anyone who can find the people responsible for this horrific act.Deborah Barnes concludes:

We’re going to find out who did this. We’re going to find them no matter what it takes.

Sage's family have created a 'Sage's Friends Memorial Fund' which will serve to help other injured animals that need costly medical treatment. To donate to the fund click, hise.

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