This Cat Almost Died Because Of A Common Household Item

One cat mom had the scare of a lifetime after her kitten, Ollie, got into an everyday household item and almost died. UserRamphastowrote a post on Imgurdetailing the traumatic events.


Source: Ramphasto

The young woman had adopted Ollie from a shelter when he was just a baby. As soon as she locked eyes on him, she knew he was the one she wanted.Ollie was a relatively healthy cat with no issues, until one day he began vomiting uncontrollably. Before long he stopped moving completely.Ramphasto rushed the tiny feline to the emergency vet, where they performed x-rays and blood tests. They soon discovered that he had a large mass in his stomach and intestines.


Source: Ramphasto

They needed to perform surgery to remove the mass, but not only was it risky, the young woman was only a student at the time and couldn't afford the $4000 price tag.She was forced to open up a line of "Care Credit" to pay for the treatment Ollie needed.Thankfully, the cat made it through surgery, but she was horrified to discover what caused the feline's symptoms: hair ties.


Source: Ramphasto

She wrote:

When they showed me this bag of hair ties I wanted to hit myself. I felt so horrible for my ignorance. I would see him chewing up my hair ties and I would try to stop him, but I did not see or know he was actually swallowing them.

The young woman warns other pet owners, and especially those who have kittens or young cats, to be careful of leaving things out around them. Too often, their curiosity gets the best of them and they will swallow it.

I wanted to tell this story because I'm not sure if other people know this about cats. Ollie almost died. I don't want this to happen to other cats and cat owners. NEVER LET YOUR CAT CHEW ON ANYTHING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. THEY LOVE TO SWALLOW WEIRD S***.

Ollie is recovering from his surgery, and even seems to have let his brush with death impact his relations with the other foster cat in the home, acting like a "big brother."


Source: Ramphasto

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