This Brave Dog Saved A Little Boy Imprisoned In A Clothes Dryer


One family from Bangor in Northern Ireland has the scare of a lifetime, when their son Riley Gedge-Duffy, got trapped in a clothes dryer which turned on automatically. The boy, who was born with autism, received burns and bruises all along his arms andhead.


Source: BBC News

According to the ambulance worker on the scene, it would have taken only five minutes for Riley to have suffocated. The boy's mother was busy vacuuming at the time of the incident.Due to his autism, Riley often likes to remove himself from situations to take a little quiet time, but unfortunately for him, he chose a spot that was not very safe. His dad, Aaron Duffy explained to BBC News:

Riley was born with Down's syndrome, so he's not aware of any danger. It's just the way Riley is, he tends to take himself off and find a wee corner if he wants to get away from it all. Yesterday, he decided the tumble dryer was where he wanted to go.

If it were not for thefrenzied parking of their dog, Teddy, a cockapoo, his mother would not have realized something was wrong until two late.


Source: BBC News

If the dog hadn't alerted my wife, had he gone another two minutes, three minutes, more than likely he would have been dead.

Riley is very lucky to have such a smart dog looking out for him. As soon as his mother recognized what was happening, she ran in and frantically pulled him out.


Source: BBC News

The little boy was rushed to the hospital and is now in stable condition. His injuries are mostly bruises from being spun in the dryer, and his parents say that he is back to being his old self and will be home soon.The family says they will be rewarding Teddy with a steak and lots of love. One more story proving that dogs are man's best friend.

H/t: BBC News