This Boy With Autism Read To His Pit Bull Friend Every Week So He Could Find His Forever Home


There are thousands of dogs at Carson Animal Shelter in Los Angeles County, all waiting for the happy day when they will be given a new forever home. But for one dog, there was something special at this shelter.


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Pirate the Pit Bull has a unique relationship with Jacob, a six-year-old boy from La Habra, Orange County, who visited every Thursday to read to this lucky dog.


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For Jacob, reading books had always been a great passion. Maybe more so than others: since the age of two, hisparents have been aware that he has autism.They were concerned about his learning progress when he began to lose his verbal skills.


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However, things started to change about a year ago when his aunt, Lisa Ferranti, brought him to Carson Animal Shelter.It was obvious that Jacob had a special touch! Ferranti, who works at the shelter, told NBC4:

Jacob is so calming...He walks through and he's not yelling or banging on the cages. He comes with a book and his mat and sets it up, and the dogs just listen. 

Jacob used to visit every week on Therapy Thursday, taking out his little reading mat where he satand read aloud to Pirate.


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Ferranti has noticed benefits for both Jacob and Piratesince their friendship began.Jacob's reading has greatly improved thanks to his weekly trips. He previously struggled with noise, but has now learnt to block out these disturbances and focus on the more important task of reading to Pirate!


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As for the rescue pup, Pirate clearly enjoys the attention that Jacob gives him. It's really important that these dogs are given a little more loving so that they continue to interact with humans.Jacob thinks that by reading to these pups, "they will come out of their cages and find homes".Well, his work seems to have paid off. Having received some special training with a rescue worker, Pirate has found a forever home, and Jacob is very excited about it!We'll leave you to enjoy the heartwarmingvideo of Pirate's release.

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