This Battery Chicken Never Saw The Sun Until Just The Right Person Came Her Way


Bobby Bob Bob is a very lucky hen. Although today she lives, safe and loved, at Lefty's Place, an animal refuge in North East Victoria, Australia, the little chicken started her life as a battery hen. Stuck in a cage with 5 other hens, her life was only about laying eggs.In 2014, photographer and founder of Lefty's Place, Tamara Keneally, visited the battery farm where Bobby Bob Bob was trapped and decided to rescue her, because of the horrendous state she was in.https://www.instagram.com/p/BVooDf5Aoi_/?taken-by=bobbybobbobhenAlong with never being able to see the sky or feel the ground beneath her feet, she had a crushed vertebrae in her neck, a lung infection, a damaged beak, nerve damage to her eyes and a screw in her gizzard.After a few weeks in a foster home, she was ready to go to her new home at Lefty's Place, where tens of other animals who have been rescued by Keneally live. She made herself right at home, finally able to stretch her wings and act like any other chicken - although she has also become obsessed with the computer!https://www.instagram.com/p/BcEp6-xAJx7/?taken-by=bobbybobbobhenKeneally toldThe Dodo:

When she gets up early she yells for me to get up and turn the computer on [...] She knows she's a star, she prefers pictures of herself.

Her new mom is all too happy to fuel her vanity! Beautiful, sensitive pictures of Bobby Bob Bob are all over her website and the celebrity chicken even has her own Instagram!https://www.instagram.com/p/BalkCU9AnB3/?taken-by=bobbybobbobhenAmong the Many sheep, dogs, cats and chickens living freely in this safe haven, the selfless young woman says Bobby Bob Bob is one of her favorites, admitting that she has her 'wrapped around her little claws'! It isn't hard to see why when you look at her photos and videos; the hen is brimming with personality.This is exactly what Keneally wants people to know; that animals such as chickens have unique personalities and should be protected, just like any other. She points out:

If Bobby were a dog or a cat, her carers would be prosecuted for cruelty, but because she is seen as nothing in the animal agriculture industry but money, she has suffered so greatly and no one is accountable.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BcCGfVIART1/?taken-by=bobbybobbobhenMillions of chickens live in battery cages so that people and businesses can profit from their eggs and meat. Keneally and many other advocates suggest going vegan to help stop this cruel practice and protect hens like Bobby Bob Bob from a life in a cage.Because of the abuse she suffered, Bobby Bob Bob will be on pain medication for the rest of her life. You can sponsor her and help her mom rescue more animals by donating here. You can find Tamara Keneally's photography on her website.https://www.instagram.com/p/BXxO0bcgkzf/?taken-by=bobbybobbobhenBattery cages are banned in California, Massacheussets, Michigan, Ohio, Rhode Island and Washington, but there is still plenty of progress to be made.To help change this legislation regarding animal welfare in your state, you can join the��ASPCA Advocacy Brigade here��and help them campaign for animal rights.In the UK, 80% of chickens come from factory farming and according to��Animal Equality, up to 50 million chickens die in these farms before they even arrive at the slaughterhouse.To help this organization to put an end to this cruel practice, you can make a donation��by clicking here.

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