This Baby Koala Who Loves Cuddles And Belly Rubs Is Breaking The Internet


Meet Harry, an orphaned koala joey, who spends his days getting cuddles and belly rubs from Tami, a zookeeper at Symbio Wildlife Park in New South Wales, Australia.


Source: @SymbioWildlifePark

Whenever Harry sees Tami, he climbs down trees and runs straight towards her. Tami is his best friend, play mate and ultimate cuddle partner.

A video of the two of them cuddling has quickly gone viral across social media. And it's no wonder, considering it is one minute of utter bliss. Have you ever seen an animal look more content?


Source: @SymbioWildlifePark

The baby koala was sadly orphaned when he was only four months old after his mother died from leukaemia. But it's clear he now considers Tami like his mother.

Tourism Australia recently explained their friendship:

About three weeks ago, Tami realised that Harry loves having his belly rubbed and now, every time she goes into the Koala Sanctuary, he either jumps on her or runs over for loads of belly tickles and cuddles.

Watch the wonderful video here:

Play time with Harry, the koala Joey.This is what goes down when koala joey 'Harry' and Zoo Keeper 'Tami' have a play date. Wouldn't you just die of happiness if this happened to you?Posted by Symbio Wildlife Park on Friday, 8 April 2016