This Baby Elephant Gets The Fright Of His Life When He Comes Face To Face With... A Goat

Andrea A.

It's certainly one of the more unusual meetings...The scene takes place in Nepal, probablyin an animal sanctuary where the elephants are lucky enough to rub shoulderswith... goats.And this little newborn elephant obviously hadn't been warned about this strange neighbourhood!At first he is intrigued by the visitors, coming up tosee them atthe fence...


Source: @YouTube

But he obviously hadn't anticipated the arrival of this little black goat, who is clearly intrigued by the strange animal with the long muzzle.The confident baby goat takes a few steps towards him...And it's all too much for the elephant.He doesn't hang around. The panic-stricken baby dashes off to safety, hiding under the petticoats ofhis mother who was watching the scene from afar.


Source: @YouTube

You can watch the whole saga play out here:[embed][/embed]And a quick note to all animal lovers: if you like elephants,don't ride on their backs. Here's why.