This Baby Dolphin Just Died Because Tourists Wanted A Selfie

A heartbreaking result ofhuman selfishness, as a baby dolphin was killed, once again, for the purpose of taking selfies. On a beach in San Bernardo, Argentina, a video was taken showing tourist clamouring around a baby dolphin who had been brutally taken from the sea. According to the newspaperLa Nacion, the animal was removed for the purpose of human contact.The mammal perished on the beach during this time, while beachgoers passed him around and took their photos. It is unclear whether the incident can be 100% to blame for the incident, but the fact that they didn't place him back in the water definitely must have damaged his health.


Source: Al Diez/Youtube

A witness told C5N News:

They let him die. They could have returned him to the ocean, he was breathing, but everyone started taking photos and touching him, saying he was already dead.

The video shows a crowd gathered around the baby while stroking him and pointing. No one made an effort to place him back in the water.This tragic incident is one more case of people putting their own selfish interests over the well-being of other living creatures. Every time events like this happen, animal defense activists hope it will educate people, but so far it hasn't been the case.Watch the full video below:[embed][/embed]

H/t: The Dodo

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