This Artist Makes The Most Incredible Hats Out Of His Cats' Fur

Any cat owner knows that most felines sheda lot. Whether it be from a good brushing or just petting them, you're likely to find their hairs just about everywhere.


Source: rojiman

One Japanese photographer, named Ryo Yamazaki, decided to make good use of this tendance, and decided to fashion hats for his Scottish Foldsout of their own fur.The creations have become a hit on Instagram where he boasts over 63,000 followers.


Source: rojiman

The three felines are named Mugi, 2, Maru, 7, and Nya, 9. Each has their own distinct color making their hats undeniably their own.All of the cats seem to be very well behaved as they patiently pose for photos for their doting human while wearing hats ranging from cones to horns to acorns.


Source: rojiman

As time has gone on, the artist's creations have become more and more elaborate and have even helped procure him exhibits at various museums and galleries.


Source: rojiman

His next exhibition is going on in Parco, Japan right now through May 7 and it's called "Cat Holiday."


Source: rojiman

Be sure to check out his work and maybe even try your own hand at making hats for your furry friends!

H/t: The Daily Mail

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