This Anxious Dog Has Been Waiting For A Family For Over A Year

Andrea A.

Charlie, a three-year-old boxer mix, arrived at the Collier County Animal Services(CCAS), in Florida, in December 2015. No one knew his past. At the moment of his rescue, he was just wandering the streets.


Source: Collier County Animal Services

As soon as he arrived, he showed signs of extreme shyness and anxiety, reportsThe Dodo. Katie Sibert, a member of CCAS, explained:

He was a quiet, slightly timid dog that was very particular about the people he wanted to interact with, and preferred to not be in the presence of any other dogs. His picky taste and aloof behaviors had turned away many families that were interested in meeting with him.

Source: Collier County Animal Services

Incapable of being adopted, Charlie was first sent to a local shelter, where he did not do well. The members of CCAS made the decision to send him to a smaller shelter which was more calm, where Charlie has been ever since.The animal's adoption seems complicated, but not impossible. Charlie is terrified of strangers and doesn't like change. However, the dog is extremely sweet and calm, as long as his particularities are taken into account.


Source: Collier County Animal Services

Katie explained:

 He loves taking walks and likes the water hose. He enjoys affection and attention from staff who he knows and feels comfortable with. He likes being close to someone in a calm, quiet environment.

Last summer, Charlie even spent the day with one of the volunteers, and for the first time, took a nap on a couch. He even got to pick out a couple toys.


Source: Collier County Animal Services

Charlie's anxiety is an obstacle for his adoption because it can discourage a number of potential adoptive parents. His future home can't have children or another animal. Charlie needs some place calm, without agitation or excessive noise.


Source: Collier County Animal Services

Katie continued:

It will likely take a person making multiple visits to meet with him to no longer be a stranger to him.

Source: Collier County Animal Services

Charlie is still waiting for a new home, but without a doubt this adorable dog will quickly find a new family, capable of understanding him and adapting to his needs.


Source: Collier County Animal Services

H/t: The Dodo