This Adorable Two-Year-Old Puppy Was Abandoned Three Times For The Saddest Reasons

Abandonment is a fate that awaits all too many dogs and is always extremely difficult for them to accept, especially when it happens more than once.Sadly, that's was exactly the case for Diego, a two-year-old Saint-Bernard found in Naples, Italy by the non-profit rescue organization Passione San Bernardo.


Source: Passione San Bernardo

When he was just a puppy, Diego was bought by a couple as a surprise present for their young son, who, quickly lost interest in the 'gift' and sadly, Diego was left uncared for and lonely.Luckily, a dog loving policeman came across the Saint-Bernard one day while he was walking along the seafront, very close to Diego's home. He immediately recognized that the dog was not being cared for; so he took immediate action. The worried man brought the dog into his care straight away. Initially, Diego's owners protested the loss of their pet but quickly backed down when threatened with animal cruelty charges.A young woman named Paola became the animal's temporary career, and it was her who contacted the non-profit organization Passione San Bernardo. Only a few days later Diego was placed into their care after Luigi, a volunteer from the association, offered to drive all the way across the country to bring the special dog to their shelter.


Source: Passione San Bernardo

It didn't take long for the lively puppy to amass copious adoption offers from people looking for a new canine companion.Among these was a woman named Navarra who had already lived with a Saint-Bernard and so, Sonia, the manager of the association, felt that the lady would be capable of caring for the special dog and Diego set off to his new home.Sadly, not even 24 hours later, the association received a very unexpected call. "He doesn't know to say on a leash and he jumped up at me. It scared me...", and with those words, Diego had been abandoned for the second time, and returned to his kennel at the shelter.


Source: Passione San Bernardo

Nonetheless, volunteers refused to give up on the sweet puppy, and soon a new hope arrived in the shape of the enthusiastic couple, Silvia and Marco. They were instantly charmed by the gorgeous dog and organized a second meeting where Diego could meet the third important member of their family, Aida, another young Saint-Bernard.However, this was not the lucky break volunteers had hoped it would be, and Aida fell ill. The little family then changed their minds, thinking that bringing another dog into their home would cause her too much stress when the puppy needed to recover.The third abandonment was extremely difficult for Diego, and staff at the shelter began to worry about him. He became restless and jealous towards volunteers.Just when his loneliness seemed to get the better of him, Michele arrived.


Source: Passione San Bernardo

The man had previously owned a Saint Bernard that passed away from old age and was heartbroken by the loss. When he heard about Diego's struggle to find a home, he knew instantly that he needed to meet the special dog.The bond between the pair was instant, and that same day, Diego finally found left the shelter for good.


Source: Passione San Bernardo

To support Passione San Bernardo and help them to continue their amazing work, you can make a donation by clicking here.

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