This Adorable Puppy Has Become A Very Special Police Recruit

Andrea A.

In 2017, Kathryn Smith, a police officer in St Paul, Minnesota, USA, attended a call about a stray dog who had given birth on a farm. Enchanted by the puppies, Kathyrn decided to adopt one, as reported by The Dodo.

Source: St. Paul Police Department

The adorable pup quickly became the main attraction at the police station, where he has been nicknamed Sergent Fuzz. He provides a great form of stress relief for these officers who carry out difficult and often dangerous work.

Source: St. Paul Police Department

Sergent Fuzz has been hired as a "cuddle officer", and works part-time in the office - roughly ten hours per week. He's there to meet employees every day, to play ball whenever he wants and, of course, to cuddle anyone who so desires. John Lozoya, who works at the police station, said:

 He’s very playful but also loves to be cuddled. His personality is very welcoming. He’ll lay down and let anyone pet him right away. 

Source: St. Paul Police Department

Thanks to his sweet personality, the police department are considering enrolling Sergent Fuzz in a training programme for therapy dogs, so that he can help more people in the future.

Source: St. Paul Police Department

While he waits, the littlepuppy is enjoying all the cuddles he gets from the team, and makes lots of appearances at police events.

H/t: The Dodo