This Adorable Little Boy Is Determined To Find A Home For A Very Special, Deaf Labrador


6-year-old Roman has been an animal advocate for years - a very long time for someone so young! When he was just 4 years old, he decided to give up birthday presents and asked for money instead, which he then donated them to a rescue in Texas, near where he and his mom, Jennifer McConn, lived at the time.

Source: Project Freedom Ride/Facebook

Even when the family moved to Washington State, Roman's passion for the canines he'd grown to know and love didn't fade. Luckily, this deep love for our 4-legged friends runs in the family as Jennifer set up a non-profit, Project Freedom Ride, which rescues dogs from kill-shelters in Texas and brings them to Washington to be adopted.Roman has been more than happy to help out, giving out hugs and belly rubs to the many pooches who pass through their door. He also often appears on the group's Facebook page to help the dogs find new families, taking photos with them and talking about them in videos.

Source: Project Freedom Ride/Facebook

One of these dogs is Legend, a 5-year-old Labrador who needs a very special home because he's deaf. Once again, Roman and his mom took to Facebook to talk about Legend and try to find him a home. What they didn't expect was that the video would get over 50,000 views!In the video, Roman grins as he describes his furry friend, impressing upon the viewer how important it is for the dog to get a home:

He's been here a very long time and we've got to get him a home sooner or later [...] If you get him, you should tickle him, he'd probably really like that!

Source: Project Freedom Ride/Facebook

In no time at all, Roman's plea had spread across Facebook, as well as made it onto news reports all over the U.S! He and his mom are thrilled by the response, as Jennifer said in an update on her son's video:

Legend, but Roman and Rescue too are so touching! We give Roman updates on views and all he says is “that’s good, it’ll help Legend find a home!” [...] #OperationAdoptLegend is in FULL EFFECT!

At the time of writing, Legend still hasn't found a home. Despite his disability, Legend is obedient and follows commands, which are given to him with gestures rather than words. He doesn't seem to like other dogs, but is otherwise a sweet and loving companion.https://www.facebook.com/ProjectFreedomRide/photos/a.357646171261135.1073741832.354561531569599/521406841551733/?type=3&theaterIf you think you could offer Legend a home, please contact Skagit Valley Humane Society.Watch Roman's touching video below: https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.mcconn/videos/10213874134390102/Project Freedom Ride is completely donation funded. You can support them by following their Facebook page and buying their merchandise.

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