This Adorable Dog Knows Exactly How To Ask His Human For Forgiveness

Andrea A.

Ettore is one of the greatest comedians we've ever come across in the canine world. T he Italian-born dog has become a viral sensation after a video of him trying to say sorry to his human was posted online.Since it was first published in September 2015, the video of him "apologising" to his human has been viewed over 37 million times.And no wonder. When Ettore approaches his humanAnthony Federica Granai, you've never seen a cuter looking dog...


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To make sure his human finally forgives him, (for what exactly, we're not sure), he starts off by looking at him with the most adorable face.Then comes the head nudge into his human's chest... Is he trying to touch his heart?He's certainly melted ours.


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At first, the young man tries to resist his dog's attempts to win him over, gently pushing him back telling him his strategy isn't going to work.


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But it just proves too hard, and he ends up holding him in his arms and giving him a bighug... Best friends again!


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Watch the super sweet video of their reunion here:

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