This Adorable Bulldog Can't Stop Smiling After The Internet Rallies To Find Him A New Home


Frank the dog has a lot to thank the internet for, even if he doesn't know it exists. After being surrendered to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), he was snapped looking decidedly forlorn as he waited for a family to fall in love with him and take him home.The person who took the photo was a member of Reddit, an extremely popular forum-based website, and decided to post it, so that other 'redditors' could see him and possibly find him a new human.

Source: Reddit

Dubbed 'Pouty Hippo' by his photographer, Narya9, and called Mack at the shelter, Frank soon proved to be a hit, with many asking about adopting him in the comments.The shelter was quickly overwhelmed with requests to adopt him, so much so that he hit his adoption request limit! Just 7 days later, another post featuring Frank appeared on Reddit. This time, it showed the pup with an enormous grin; he had finally found his forever home, with another Reddit user, KeysOnATable![caption id="attachment_26739" align="alignnone" width="700"]

Frank's first photo in his new home. Source: frankthedoggotank/Instagram[/caption]Frank, or 'Frank the Tank' as he is now known on his own personal Instagram, is having the time of his life! His new family comes complete with another Bulldog friend, Max, and his new human has promised to give him "all the belly rubs and cuddles" they possibly can.

Source: frankthedoggotank/Instagram

Because of his popularity on social media, he is also doing a very important job; raising the profile of BARCS and encouraging people to adopt the dogs still in the shelter.He and his family do livestreams and videos, answering questions and letting people all over the world meet the amazing dogs waiting for a home and people to love them.

Source: frankthedoggotank/Instagram

You can follow Frank's Instagram here, and donate to BARCS here!

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