This Abandoned Poodle Had Become So Terrified That No One Could Approach Him


After spending months on his own in the streets of Los Angeles, this poodle became so fearful that he didn't let any human approach him. He took shelterin an nookbehind an apartment building, and stayed holed up there in an attempt to protect himself from the outside world.


Source:Youtube/Hope for Paws 

Eldad and Lisa, veteran dog rescuers, with the association Hope For Paws, received a call asking them to save the poor white poodle. For these animal lovers, it was impossible to refuse. They did everything they could to get their hands on the pooch.


Source: Youtube/Hope for Paws 

They arrived on the scene shortly after, and spotted the pup curled up and decrepit. The animal started trembling like a leaf as soon as the volunteers approached. Eldad was finally able to get a leash around the poodle'sneck, who slowly started to realize he had nothing to fear.


Source: Youtube/Hope for Paws 

Since taken in by the Hope For Pawsshelter, the dog, renamed Yankee Poodle, is recovering and can finally find happiness again, in the wait for an adoptive family. The poodle has become unrecognizable.


Source: Youtube/Hope for Paws 

Watch the video of the rescue and Yankee's incredible transformation below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le3oFsDK9SI[/embed]

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