This Abandoned Pitbull Was About To Be Eaten By Vultures But Is Now In Cuddle Heaven

When Greensboro photographer Rob Brown captured the moment a poor, 8-month-old Pitbull was being surrounded by a hoard of hungry vultures, he may not have realised he was saving her life.


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On Christmas Day 2014, the vultures started to gather around Lilo's grubby and cold kennel in her backyard. But did her owners take her in? No, they left her there.Thankfully,Guilford County Animal Control in Greensboro, North Carolina, hurried to the scene to rescue the pup, called Lilo. She was picked up by an animal control officer, who left a noticeon the resident’s door.


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Lilo was lucky to be alive, but shewas underweight and had some healing cuts and sores on her ears and tail from neglect.There was no chance Lilo was going back to her previous humans after they'd left her out in the cold to be eaten by vultures. So theMerit Pit Bull Foundationtook her in, and from there found a lovingfoster home with Keana Lynch and her boyfriend, Travis Henley.


Source: @LilosStory

Within a month, Lilo was already getting back on her paws thanks to the love and care of her new adoptive parents. Have a look at some of these Instagram pics to see how happy she is in her new home. In an exclusive interview with BarkPost, her mum, Keana, said:

She had no clue what to do in the house. She was not house-trained and she didn’t really know what to do with toys.

But it didn't take Lilo long to discover the joys of life. And she's got the ultimate pack of playmates withher Pittie siblings.


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They also love curling up on the sofa together for naptime.


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And it sure looks like she enjoys getting a manicure from Dad... Someone's in heaven!


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Why on earth could Lilo possibly be licking her lips? She's notabout to receive a treat, is she...


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Uh oh, it's her favourite. Peanut butter! What a lucky pup.


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Cuddles with her mommy before bedtime. Lilo looks very happy indeed.


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And we couldn't be happier for her. What an incredible turnaroundfor a dog who once had a scarily-close brush withdeath. She deserves all the love and cuddles in the world <3

H/t : BarkPost & FoxNews

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