This Abandoned Pit Bull Was Refusing To Eat So Her Vet Got In The Kennel And Showed Her How

Graycie is a female Pit Bull who was found abandoned in the streets of Elberton, Georgia, US. Thankfully,Granite Hills Animal Carefound her and took her straight to their vet clinic.Graycie had no idea that meeting her vet would change her life forever...


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On January 29th,when Graycie first met DrAndy Mathis, she was in a critical state and was visibly shaking she was so scared. The vet thought she might have to be euthanised.


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On the clinic'sFacebookpage, the vet announced:

Emaciated, starved, dehydrated, hypothermic, anemic, and with a vaginal prolapse... I told my friends,"Y'all, I need your advice. Practical Me says I should put her to sleep, but Veterinarian Me wants to try and give her a chance."

Mathis made a decision: Graycie was going to live.


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She was taken to the Veterinary School in Georgia, where the veterinary apprentices took care of the Pit Bull girl. After her operation, she was taken back to theGranite Hills Animal Care clinic and kept under a watchful eye.


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But Graycie wasn't going to get any better at this rate... she was refusing to eat. At least she wouldn't touch a morcel of food unless her beloved vet fed her by hand.So the vet decided to sit in the cage and eat his breakfast with her, to encourage her to do the same. And you know what? It worked!


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Thanks to this vet's devotion, Graycie is started to build trust again, and she has now been eating on her own comfortably for the past few days.

Watch the video of the two new friends here:


Graycie still needs time to make a full recovery and then she will be put up for adoption.

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