This abandoned kitten perfectly succeeded in capturing the hearts of this family

Andrea A.

Sthéfanie from Brazil came across the most amazing and unexpected visitor when she heard her dog barking from the backyard. When she got closer to the fence, she saw a little kitten soaking wet from the rain and shaking uncontrollably. She checked to see if the kitten belonged to anyone but alas, no one claimed her.

Source: Júlia Braule

When her friend, Júlia Braule, heard about the kitten's plight, she offered to help. After picking up the kitten, named Luna, she headed back home, knowing that she would have to convince a member of her family to keep the cat:

My father, like me, loves and always wanted a cat, so he said 'Yes,' but my mother had that stereotype about cats being mean and cold creatures, so she wasn't so thrilled with the idea at the time I brought Luna home.

Source: Júlia Braule

Júlia's mother reluctantly agreed and gave her daughter two days to find Luna a new home. From the moment she arrived, Luna was purring and exploring the whole house. Her dog, Cookie, was scared of her at the beginning, and her mother wasn't pleased about this.

Source: Júlia Braule

However, Luna soon won over the hearts of everyone in the house, following them round, playing with them and even napping with them.Júlia said:

My mother fell in love with Luna so fast and deeply that even I was shocked! By the second day I could feel that she really liked her, and she even started saying that we had five members in our family.

Source: Júlia Braule

Cookie finally accepted the new arrival and the two have now become the best friends in the world. Luna was officially a part of the family and in just two days, as the mother had asked. It seems she has truly found her place:

Most of the day she is all cuddly with us and always by our side but sometimes she has these high energy moments and runs around the entire house.

Source: Júlia Braule

Luna loves everyone in her family, but is particularly fond ofJúlia's mother.

My mother loves her kitten and is glad that Luna is ours now. She even sends me pictures of her when I'm not home, saying how cute Luna is.

Source: Júlia Braule

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