This Abandoned Dog Was Terrified Of Life. Until Someone Offered Him A Loving Hand

In April 2015, an abandoned dog was savedfrom a high kill animal control centre by a kind volunteer from Place To Bark, a rescue shelter based in Tennessee, US.This poor dog was dumped by his family when they got bored of him, and so he ended up in a cold and scary animal control centre, where theyeuthanise abandoned dogs.The animal was in utter turmoil, terrified of his surroundings and any human who tried to approach him.


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Thankfully, a volunteer came to rescue him from his terriblefate just in time. But the dog had clearly never known the touch of a loving hand before...It was very hard to make contact with him at first. Despite the young woman's warm words, the dog did not want to approach her.


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But having worked with many timid strays before, she knew that it would take a lot of patience and sweet talk to eventually gain the dog's trust.He was literally paralysed by fear, shaking like mad and bowing his head. Slowly but surely, he edged nearer towards the volunteer and she was able to gently pet his face.


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The video of their encounter is very moving:

Next dog leaving with me.Sweet boy...Extremely fearful, but honestly you can't blame him. From a home to animal control. I really wish people would think things thru when getting a pet.Pets are for Life...Not just something to play with for awhile.This is one of the lucky ones, leaving animal control with me.#everylifematters #petsareforlife #dontdumpyourpet #aplacetobark

Posted by A Place To Bark on Saturday, 4 April 2015

It turns out that the volunteer who saved him from animal control ended up adopting him for good!She named him Eugene and took him back home with her, where he is now happier and more confident than ever.Recently, the young woman shared some of his news on the rescue shelter's Facebook page:

The little dog in the photo with the ball in his mouth, happy & running, is "Eugene". I'm happy to say, he found a Loving Home May of "2015".

The ASPCA reports that approximately 7.6 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters in the USevery year, of which 35% are euthanised.So that more of these animals can have a second chance at life, you can help support the ASPCA in the USor the RSPCA who help rehome abandoned pets in the UK.

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