This Abandoned Dog Was So Sad He Couldn't Even Lift His Head

Andrea A.

Romeo, a 7-year-old cross American Staffordshire Terrier, had lost all desire to go on living, reports The Dodo. He was living in a shelter in New York.This wasn't the first time that Romeo had felt the pain of abandonment. He was abandoned by his family and left to a friend of theirs. After two months, however, the friend couldn't handle it anymore and took Romeo to the shelter in July 2016.


Source : Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

Romeo is described as a friendly, relaxed dog. The site ShelterMe even says:

He likes baths and when his teeth are brushed. When a stranger approaches his home he will hide and wait a few to come out and greet them.

However, at the shelter, Romeo is far from friendly. He growls, his tail is always between his legs and he is frightened by the noises and smells surrounding him. All this despite the efforts of the shelter volunteers.Romeo had become apathetic. He refused to lift his head, to move, to eat fortwo days. He just stayed in the dark corner of his kennel.On July 29 New Hope Partners , a group from Animal Care Centers of New York, received an application for Romeo. New Hope Partners is responsible for taking animals out of shelters and finding them forever homes.As soon as Jennifer Brooks, the president of Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs saw the photo of Romeo with his head bowed, she knew she had to get him and called without a moment's hesitation.


Source : Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

On 30 July volunteers from the association came to fetch Romeo to take him far away from the shelter, and to find him a foster family.Right here is where Romeo's transformation starts. Within days, he already looked completely different from the terrified animal who hid in the corner, away form everyone.Kelcey Kimmerer, a member of Second Chance Rescue, told The Dodo:

He is extremely sweet and friendly. He needs to be around people.

Unfortunately, Romeo's host family couldn't keep him. Once again, "it's not his fault", Kimmerer confirms. Romeo gets along extremely well with his new foster family, so they are hoping he gets adopted as soon as possible.


Source : Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogstook Romeo under its wing again, and he is still waiting for his new family. But Jennifer Brooks isn't worried. In her opinion, Romeo is the perfect dog and will have no problem finding a forever home.

Romeo is proof of the considerable trauma caused to animals in cases of abandonment. He found himself in an unfamiliar setting without his family day after day and he became hostile. Dogs are social creatures and need stimulation from the humans they love.

H/t: @The Dodo