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Lek Chailert runsElephant Nature Parkin Thailand, a sanctuary which provides care and support to the country's captive elephants.


Source: Lek Chailert

She recently visited a recently established elephant orphanage in the nearbycountry of Myanmar. Unfortunately, they don't have the funds or equipment to pay for the expensive import of elephant formula.This means that the calves were given cow's milk leading to extreme malnutrition.


Source: Lek Chailert

Cow's milk can cause dysentery and other severe health problems for the animals. Three of the orphan babies were in need of special attention, butEyeyarmay was in a particularly worrying state.


Source: Lek Chailert

The three-month-old elephant was clearly starving with visible ribs poking through her hide.


Source: Lek Chailert

Chailert wrote in a Facebook post:

To take care of baby nutrition it is very sensitive because their life at this stage is very fragile.

Source: Lek Chailert

The woman was obviously horrified on seeing the critical condition of the young animal. She asked her Facebook followers and friends to contribute what they could to help try and save the lives of this calf, and the many others who need help.Thanks to her post, hundreds of people have donated to the cause, which could mean the difference between life and death forEyeyarmay.If you would like to help contribute to save these orphan babies who desperately need it, click here. Chailert also gave instruction for how to send the milk directly, here.

H/t: The Dodo

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