This 13-Year-Old Boy Walked Two Miles To Save This Puppy's Life

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Dinielle Stöckigt, Rosie Kunneke and Clarina Hanekom founded the associationTin Can Town, in South Africa. The three women come to the aid of animals in some of the poorest regions of the country.


Source: Tin Can Town

Every Sunday, the organization heads to Blikkiesdorp, where Dinielle and her friends sterilize the numerous animals who live there and offer free veterinary services. During one of these home visits, a young boy, just 13 years old, approached Dinielle with a tiny puppy in his arms. Originally from Delft, a township of Capetown, the teen walked almost two miles to try and save the animal who suffered from bloody diarrhea, reportsThe Dodo.


Source: Tin Can Town

Dinielle explained:

She was very thin and the boy told us he didn't have enough money for food for her. We told him we would do our best to save her life, and find her a new loving home that can take care of her. We thanked him for bringing her to us for help.

Source: Tin Can Town

Rozanne Visser, volunteer veterinarian with the organization, promptly offered to take the pup to the clinic,Sunset Beach, where one of the founders of Tin Can Town, Rossie Kunneke works.


Source: Tin Can Town

The tiny little dog, who they called Nanuk, was in reality suffering from parvovirus, an intestinal disease which can be fatal, and provokes diarrhea and weight loss.


Source: Tin Can Town

Nanuk was quickly given a perfusion, before the veterinary team tried to feed her. Unfortunately, despite anti-vomiting medication, she couldn't keep anything down, and stopped eating despite their best efforts. The situation became life-threatening.


Source: Tin Can Town

The vets attempted to feed Nanuk with a tube, but in vain. After five days, they started to imagine the worst. Dinielle confided:

The two vets alerted us that if she does not show a remarkable improvement in the next 24 hours, they will have to help her over to the rainbow bridge [put her to sleep].

Source: Tin Can Town

But Dinielle and Rosie refused to abandon Nanuk to this sad fate and took turns at her bedside. The two women even brought kittens - who can't catch parvovirus - to try and cheer her up and help her fight the disease. Dinielle continued:

Although she was very sick and weak on that day, she still lifted her head to sniff and cuddle with them.

Source: Tin Can Town

And the long awaited miracle finally arrived. On the sixth day, Nanuk started to eat again, without vomiting.


Source: Tin Can Town

The tiny dog has since found a foster family, where her state continues to improve. She shares her home with three feline friends and is enjoying the peaceful existence before she is adopted.


Source: Tin Can Town

Dinielle hopes that Nanuk will find a home as quickly as possible.

Nanuk is playful little girl who loves cuddles, especially if you kiss her tummy. She has this cute way of covering her eyes with her boxer-long legs when she gets excited about the cuddles. When you come close to give her some love, she immediately rolls on her back, awaiting tummy kisses and belly scratches. She loves playing with her ball and always sleeps with her elephant toy.

Source: Tin Can Town

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H/t: The Dodo

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