Thin, Scraggly Cat Just Needed Some Love To Bring Out His True Colours


When a cat loves cuddling so much that his name is Cuddles, you know he deserves the most loving family in the world.Cuddles the Maine Coon who was found in bad shape in a house in Oakland, California, nearly three years ago. He was emaciated, weighing only five pounds, his ribs were sticking out, and he had an upper respiratory infection. The 8-year-old cat needed a lot of medical care as well as affection in order to learn to trust humans again.


Source: Lorin Thomas

A shelter took care of the scraggly cat, but his time was running out as no-one wanted to adopt him because of the way he looked. That's whenMaine Coon Adoptions (MCA) stepped in to give Cuddles a second chance at life.


Source: Lorin Thomas

They decided to rename him Jameson, and the brave boy showed he was a fighter when he survived two teeth being pulled out as well as antibiotic treatments. He was not ready to give up on life, despite his difficult past.


Source: Lorin Thomas

Elaine Lyford-Nojima, founder of MCA, put the kitty on a special diet to help him regain his strength and gave him attention around the clock. He began to put on weight and his fur startedto grow back.


Source: The Furrtographer

And what a pleasant surprise it was. Jameson is the most beautiful, fluffy, regal Maine Coon.


Source: The Furrtographer

With his thick coat of smokey-grey fur, the cat was adopted into a loving family with other cat friends to play with.


Source: The Furrtographer

Now a little over 10 years old, Jameson the Cat King is finally living the life he has always deserved, and has made an incredible comeback from that scraggly, malnourished kitty that was first found abandoned.


Source: The Furrtographer

Animal photographer, The Furrtographer, said on Facebook:

He has the coolest silver fur and is a total sweetheart. I can't imagine someone would do this to him, and am so grateful he made his way to Maine Coon Adoptions!

Source: The Furrtographer

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