They Were Tossed Out Like Rubbish And Ready To Die. She Saved Their Lives


Early last Sunday this young woman was taking a stroll in a field when she nearly stepped right over a tiny, black, stray puppy.


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She works as a volunteer at Juliana's Animal Sanctuary (JAS), a refuge for stray animals founder by her sister, Juliana Castaneda Turner, in Columbia. She quickly took the puppy in her arms, knowing she had to take it to her sister's sanctuary.

Once she got to JAS, her sister insisted they go back to the field to see if there were any other stray dogs in the area. Her instinct was spot-on, as the sisters found a large white bag in the middle of the field.


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When they opened the bag, they were horrified to find three other little puppies identical to the first one, although these three were in a much worse condition. The sisters guessed they were about 5 weeks old and noticed these tiny things were starving, dehydrated and covered in fleas.


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Clearly a whole litter of puppies had been carelessly abandoned and had it not been for Juliana Castaneda's sister, they would never have survived. This is truly a case of being in the right place at the right time. The founder of the sanctuary explains:

We can't be sure, but it seems to be someone who lives in the area who abandoned the puppies. Some people have too many pets and treat them in an atrocious way.


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The sanctuary took in all the puppies and got them back on their feet again after numerous medical treatments. Now that they're healthy, the next step is to find them forever homes. According to Juliana, this is no easy task as there are so many abandoned dogs in the city of Bogota.

There are just too many dogs here. But if the puppies don't end up finding their forever homes, they'll always be looked after here at the sanctuary.


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If you'd like to help these adorable fluffballs, you can make a donation here. In the meantime, enjoy this cute video of the babies in action: