They Were Abandoned At A Car Wash In The Middle Of The Night In The Freezing Cold

Andrea A.

In the beginning of December, employees of a car wash in Corsicana, Texas, made a sad discovery in the chilly early morning, reports The Dodo.


Source: East Dallas Pet Rescue

A mysterious cardboard box was in the middle of the station. It emitted a strong odor, and when employees finally decided to open it, they found three adorable puppies inside, freezing cold and covered in their own urine and excrement.


Source: East Dallas Pet Rescue

The car wash employees contacted Jaclyn Smith, founder of the East Dallas Pet Rescueorganization. Jaclyn immediately sent over volunteers to recuperate the pups. She toldThe Dodo:

The box was filthy; it had poop and dog food all over it [...] It was freezing cold last night.

Source : East Dallas Pet Rescue

Thankfully, all of the puppies were quickly brought to the shelter where they were finally able to warm up and receive proper care. As soon as they're ready they'll be put up for adoption. Without a doubt these adorable pups will quickly find a forever family.


Source: East Dallas Pet Rescue

If you would like to support the shelter, clickhereto make a donation!

H/t: The Dodo