They Went On Holiday For 10 Days, Leaving Their Dog To Cry Alone In The Garden

It's a tragic reality that summer is the saddest season for abandonment. But sometimes, owners don't go quite as far as abandoning their companion: instead, some negligent owners will simply leave their pets alone for days on end.

At least, that was the case for this couple who live in Saint-Brieuc, in the¬†C√ītes-d‚ÄôArmor in France. They left their dog, a Husky-Labrador cross, all alone in the garden while they went on holiday for ten days.

The neighbours alerted the authorities, having heard the poor animal's cries during the night as he circled the confines of the tiny garden.

Sadly, this isn't the first time that the couple has done this.

It all began in summer 2015, when the owners got a dog after they were burgled. Every time they've gone away since then, they leave their pet all alone day and night.


Source : @Ouest-France

Whether it's the Easter holidays, summer holidays, bank holidays, it's always the same thing: the cries of the poor, distressed animal disturb the entire neighbourhood.Their neighbour Fabienne told Ouest-France:

His owners went on holiday, leaving the dog alone night and day. [I contacted the SPA, the French equivalent of the ASPCA], they told me there was nothing I could do for him.

But they took things even further this time when the couple went on holiday to Greece for ten days. The neighbours reported it to the local authorities and thepolice launched an inquiry. The locals think it's high time the animal getanother, more dedicated family.The owners haveput forward arguments in their defence, which are shocking to say the least:

Our dog is not mistreated. It's better for him in our garden than in an SPA cage. Our friends came to feed him every day.

But in reality, the neighbours saw"strangers" coming in to bring food to the poor dog.We'll be sure to keep you updated on the outcome of this tragic story.It's a sickening case of animal negligence which serves as a reminder that adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. Leaving him alone for prolonged periods of time will cause him immense psychological distress, even if he has access to food and water.To help fight against this kind of abandonment and animal mistreatment in the summer months particularly, Holidog presents an easy and reliable solution. To find out more about our petsitting services, click here. 

Andrea A.